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Crema Caliza Limestone Tile 18x36 Brushed

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Introducing Crema Caliza Limestone, a timeless natural stone solution for your home or business. Boasting an 18x36 size, Brushed finish and rectangular shape, this beautiful limestone fits into every design style. Perfect for both residential and commercial spaces alike, you'll love the natural allure of our Crema Caliza Limestone. You'll appreciate the neutral, off-white tones of this limestone that have been created through centuries of pressure and heat within the Earth. Its subtle patterns, colors and textures result in a stone with tremendous visual appeal that will stand the test of time in any setting. As such, Crema Caliza Limestone is not only exceedingly hard wearing - it is also highly desirable for interior surfaces as well as landscape features such as walls, patios, pathways and ponds. This hard-wearing beauty also has practical benefits to offer any space - its resistance to water absorption makes it ideal for showers and wall surrounds; its unmatched durability provides superior performance in both commercial applications such as floors in busy hospitality venues or retail stores. And because it is resistant to frozen water, Crema Caliza Limestone can be safely used outdoors even in the harshest climates! So if you're looking for a stunning natural stone solution with timeless style and remarkable performance characteristics then look no further than our unmistakably elegant Crema Caliza Limestone.
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Limestone, Limestone
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Crema Caliza
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