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Install Acacia Hardwood Flooring & Make Your Home Feel Loved

Now is the time to transform your space with the warm visual intrigue and robust durability of acacia hardwood flooring. Known for dense, exotic grain and endearing golden hues, acacia livens up any room with dimensional style while standing strong through years of everyday life. Explore numerous options on Solidshape for the best find, as we specialize in premium solid and engineered acacia flooring that pairs artistic allure - the one for busy homes.

Why Solidshape?

At Solidshape, we carry only premium-grade acacia flooring, thoroughly vetted to meet rigorous quality benchmarks for grain consistency, integrity, and lasting performance in home installations. Beyond premium-grade assurances, our seasoned flooring experts help curate the most expansive legitimate exotic acacia inventory to suit specific residential needs - from family-friendly matte textures to upscale gloss options. 

Whether renovating or constructing your new home, we will be your partner in choosing the best hardwoods across textures and patterns. 


Is acacia wood as hard as oak? 

Acacia wood is harder than all kinds of oak, making it more resistant to dents and damage over decades. Its density empowers enduring beauty.

Is acacia a good hardwood floor? 

Absolutely. Acacia wood flooring imparts signature visual warmth and acoustics. Advanced finishes help retain Acacia’s look despite kids, pets, or parties.

Is acacia wood better than oak?

In terms of appearance, acacia surpasses basic oak with exotic multicolor grain. Acacia equals oak in durability but offers a more distinctive personality.