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Explore Residential Hardwood Flooring for a Timeless Look

Does your home lack wood floors that live up to your family’s active lifestyle? With inferior materials, scratching and gapping issues materialize – compromising durability promises. Switch to residential hardwoods for sturdier and innovatively designed flooring. Our inventory of hardwood flooring for homes allows you to choose across beautiful oak, modern, and boutique looks guaranteed to impress guests for decades beyond.

Why Solidshape?

You need high-quality products and materials when selecting residential flooring to withstand residential rigors. At Solidshape, we can help you find the most-suited option from our extensive portfolio of residential hardwood flooring designs meant to offer perfection. You will find premium finishes that promise flawless performance. Feel confident realizing your hardwood floors promise longevity for years to come.


Is it worth it to put hardwood floors in the house?

Yes. Well-constructed hardwood adds value and livability, paying dividends for years over other materials when sourced responsibly.

How many years do hardwood floors last?

Hardwood floors last 50 years or longer. When choosing durable residential flooring that is properly installed, advancements extend the integrity and beauty of quality hardwood.

Are hardwood floors a lot of maintenance?

With wear-resistant layers and advanced coatings, maintained hardwood floors require far less cleaning than carpet. Simple routines preserve their flawless look.