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Products and Availability

We work diligently to ensure our products are readily available and reach you promptly. We house a majority of our products in our warehouses, spread across multiple locations for speedy deliveries.


Stock Availability

Most of our products are stored in California and can be dispatched to your home or job site within 24 hours. To better serve you, we also keep inventory in our Texas, Florida, and New Jersey warehouses, ensuring that your desired products are always ready to ship.

Out of Stock Policy

We understand the disappointment of finding out that a product you want is currently out of stock. If such a situation arises, we won't charge you until we've confirmed when the next shipment will be available and you've agreed to wait. If the item is unavailable and you cannot wait for the next shipment, you won't be charged, and any hold on your card will be released. For further information, please refer to our Out-of-Stock Policy.

Brands Not Directly Stocked

While we offer a wide range of products, certain brands like Bedrosians and Daltile are not directly stored in our warehouses. Despite this, our strong relationships with these brands allow us to fulfill your orders directly from their warehouse networks. Thanks to our considerable order volumes, we are able to secure excellent pricing from these brands and pass the savings onto you. Plus, we promise a smooth delivery process and quick resolution of any issues that may occur during delivery.