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Solidshape Locations

Solidshape is a fully online operation. Our services are meticulously designed to offer a superior end-to-end experience at the best value. Discover more about our pricing approach here.

Why are we exclusively online? With over two decades of experience in traditional brick and mortar stores, we observed their limitations - inefficiency, slow pace, and higher cost. Our online-only model is our commitment to overcoming these challenges.


Our Headquarters

Our headquarters stands in the vibrant heart of Silicon Valley - Palo Alto, CA.

Our Warehouses

We have strategically positioned our warehouses in Texas, California, Florida, and New Jersey to ensure prompt and efficient delivery. However, please note that not all materials are available at every location. Your order will be shipped from the nearest warehouse with available stock.

Sampling Materials

We offer a hassle-free way for you to sample materials. Samples are shipped swiftly via FedEx express. Find out more about our materials sampling here.

Requesting Lot Photos

To ensure transparency, we offer lot photos from our warehouses, providing you with an accurate representation of the materials you will receive when placing an order. Learn more about how to request lot photos here.