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Explore Metallic-Look Tiles to Add Depth & Dimension

Do your traditional floors appear dull and lifeless after a few years of installation? Dull tiles fail to add the desired depth and dimension to your space. Furthermore, their susceptibility to wear and tear necessitates constant maintenance, detracting from their initial appeal.

Imagine adding a touch of modern elegance and glamorous shine to your floors. With metallic-look tiles, you can achieve all this and more! Explore an exquisite collection by Solidshape and experience visual impact on your home decor. 

Why Solidshape? 

As a trusted source, Solidshape curates its selection meticulously for homeowners building or renovating their homes. Our range of metallic-look tiles comes with unparalleled durability and realism. Choose from a dazzling array of colors and finishes, from subtle shimmer to bold metallic hues, allowing you to create a space that radiates elegance and sophistication.

With our hands-on support guiding your perfect pick and satisfaction guaranteed, you can easily renew your home with the shining, high-end aesthetic you love.


What are metallic finish tiles?

Metallic finish tiles are specially treated to have the appearance of metal. The look is achieved through various methods, such as using metallic glazes or pigments or applying a metallic film to the tile's surface. Metallic finish tiles can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space.

Can you use metallic tile in a shower?

Yes, you can use metallic tile in a shower. Metallic tile can be an excellent choice for a shower because it is resistant to moisture and mildew. However, choosing a metallic tile specifically designed for use in a wet environment is vital.