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Introducing the Capri Limestone Tile! If you're looking for a timeless, natural stone tile that is versatile, with an elegant honed finish, then this is the perfect addition to any commercial or residential space. The 6"x6" Capri Limestone Tile will truly impress thanks to its classic style and rustic vibe. This versatile tile is naturally durable and perfect for flooring, backsplashes, countertops, accent walls - anywhere you want to introduce a touch of sophistication and warmth into your space. The Capri Limestone Tile features a beautiful honed finish that gives it a slightly leveled texture that adds depth and a subtle sheen. The creamy white color of this limestone enhances its aesthetic charm while allowing it to work in various designs with different furnishings. And because it's made from natural limestone material, this tile is extremely long-lasting and low maintenance – making it an all-around great investment for both residential and commercial spaces alike. No matter where you install it, adding the Capri Limestone Tile to your space will bring timeless beauty as well as create an inviting atmosphere full of warmth and luxury. Try pairing our Capri LimestoneTile with cozy furniture pieces for a relaxing lounge atmosphere or combine with more modern décor for unexpected elegance – the possibilities are endless when you have this unique stone tile adding effortless character to your space!
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